Floral Design class offers alternative to purchasing prom flowers

Students show off their shop-made corsages. Many students this year are opting to make their own flowers for the upcoming Senior Ball. (Courtesy photo: M.C. Lovely)

By Hanah Wyman,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Prom night is quickly approaching, and many students are still taking care of some details, like flowers. The Floral Design class at Davis High will be providing flowers and making both corsages and boutonnieres available for sale throughout the week.

Gabi Ramer, a senior in the class, says that getting flowers through the school is a more economical option than some others.

“With flowers so expensive and many other aspects of prom costing quite a lot, it’s really nice to have a more affordable and convenient option for a smaller aspect like flowers,” Ramer said.

To take advantage of this option, students can buy both a corsage and boutonniere for $15, or just a corsage for $10. Bring the money to the finance office to get a receipt, which can be given to the Floral Design class.

The class will be open on Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29 at lunch and after school. Anyone who makes flowers will be able to take them home and refrigerate them until the night of prom.

Students are able to bring their own flowers if they wish, but floral design teacher Ellie Michel will supply white mini roses and wristbands for corsages, as well as other materials for boutonnieres so students can put together the flowers.

Compared to popular florists in Davis like Strelitzia, making one’s own flower arrangement may be a more affordable option. Strelitzia sells corsages for about $25 to $50, and boutonnieres for about $20–another expense for an already expensive event.

Kristen Chastain, another senior in the class, agrees that the Floral Design option is a cheaper alternative to purchasing flowers at a flower shop. Chastain purchased her flowers from Strelitzia for last year’s prom, but opted to make her own this year.

“It’s cheaper, but also its a great opportunity to use the skills that I’ve acquired in the class throughout the year,” she said.

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