ALUMNI: Arielle Deem

Arielle Deem was on the Madrigals during her time at DHS, but it now going on tours to share her music.
Arielle Deem was on the Madrigals during her time at DHS and now goes on tours to share her music.

By Maggie Warren, Staff–

Davis High alumna Arielle Deem has been singing since she was two years old. She’s tried different hobbies but claims music stuck through the whole way.

While attending DHS, Deem was a member of the Madrigals all three years. She also took private singing lessons along with being the vocalist for the jazz band.

During her time on the Madrigals, the choir’s director Karen Gardias worked as her mentor.

“It was an inspiring time for me because I was seeing the possibilities of what it was like to pursue music,” Deem said.

After graduating from DHS in 2010, Deem attended Berklee College of Music. From there she transferred to Cal Art where she was able to connect with several other musicians.

For the past three summers, Deem has been booking her tours independently, and has toured with other groups and vocalists. Deem started as a classical singer but eventually fell in love with jazz.

“No one’s gonna work harder for you than you,” Deem said, supporting her belief that working independently is the most efficient.

Following her own advice, Deem is her own booking agent, promoter and travel agent.

In 2015, she booked a nine-day and seven-show tour that went from California to Vancouver, Canada, where she had to deal with foreign currency and crossing the border.

“It was the most intense experience,” Deem said.

Deem believes that anyone who wants to become a singer is already an artist.

“I’m not just a musician, I’m an artist. Art is about expressing yourself, it’s about recognizing it in yourself,” Deem said.

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