ALUMNI: Laura Powell


By Alana Curtis, Staff–

Laura Powell is the owner of the very successful horse training facilities Capstone Farm located outside Davis. Powell did not plan to be a horse trainer but now she “can’t see [her] life turning out any other way.”

Powell graduated from Davis High in 1974, after moving from Virginia where she grew up. At DHS, Powell was a three-sport athlete that included gymnastics, track and horseback riding.

She started riding when she was 11 years old. Despite the many sports she tried, her riding career got serious at age 13.

Two of her biggest accomplishments were when she won a bronze in the Olympic trials within California, and when she was named the leading eventing rider in the US.

Powell was involved in horse riding all through college, but realized she didn’t want to make a living out of it.

She pursued a master’s degree in physical therapy, but as the long process started on the road to becoming one, she started a business of training kids to ride and never finished getting her degree.

Powell moved back to California in 1995 and quickly started up her own horse training facilities, which is now known as Capstone Farms.

Having taught kids as young as three to as old as 75, Powell teaches “anyone who is interested in learning, whether it’s just grooming and caring for the horses or riding them.”

Riding student Haven Prizmitch has been riding with Powell for two years. Prizmitch said Powell is “super patient and tactful with the horses,” and has taught her how to “remain calm under pressure and to take constructive criticism.”

Powell continues to do what she loves, alongside her daughter who just recently got her certification to become a horse trainer. She is exited to be able to share her lifestyle with her family and hopes for them to continue Capstone Farms.

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