Students come out victorious against staff in basketball

Ty Brown and senior Yiorgos Callaway jump up towards the hoop.

By Irem Sogutlugil, Staff–

Students took home the victory in the annual Student vs. Staff basketball game for the first time in seven years on March 22.

Seniors Ediz Kalkan, Yiorgos Callaway, Audrey Dufresne, Connor Bunfill and David Roque started for the student team and Kalkan scored the first two points of the game.

Kalkan continued to carry the team during the first half with two consecutive three pointers.

Jeff Lorenson, Derik Birdsall and Ty Brown were prominent players from the staff, scoring multiple points for their team.

With five seconds left in the first half, Lorenson scored. The final score for the first half was 27-23, with staff ahead by four points.

Roque and Lorenson both scored first for their teams in the second half.

In an attempt to win more points for their team, senior Moira Williams went on Dufresne’s shoulders to gain some height. Callaway passed the ball to Williams who then shot the ball. Unfortunately, William’s and Dufresne’s efforts in earning more points for their student team did not pay off.

“Me and Audrey thought it would be awesome if one of us dunked in the game so we combined our forces with the shoulder lift but were still too short to dunk,” Williams said.

Despite the staff leading at the end of the first half, the students picked themselves up and worked as a team.

Successful passes and blocks ended the game with a final score of 63-54 students.

“I can’t believe we broke the streak. It was a really fun game,” Williams said.

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