Asian Student Union holds holiday concert at community center

By Breana Lee, Staff–

The Davis High Asian Student Union organized a holiday concert for Asian Community Center: Greenhaven Terrace on Dec. 2 at 3:30 pm. 

The performances included ASU President and senior Jun Kim’s four flute pieces with ASU Vice President and senior Hyo Joon Ahn on the piano. Junior Minki Jung performed a piece on the piano, and ASU treasurer and junior John Shim followed on the cello.

Senior Elissa Koh also performed on the piano and the concert ended with a choir singing Christmas carols.

Kim came up with the idea because she, Ahn and Shim used to play music at senior centers. Kim would like ASU to become a service club, so she proposed doing a musical performance at an Asian senior center.

Kim worked with ACC Resident Services Manager Yesenia Jones to organize the event. Jones planned the performance so that the club could hold a joint concert with the Maharlika Lions Club, a local service organization.

Jones enjoyed the performances, her favorite being the flute performance.

“I thought that they were wonderful. I loved how the audience was able to interact and sing along with the songs,” Jones said. “I had a resident approach me and say that the flute made her happy and made her cry, so everyone had a great time.”

Kim, however, had other concerns with their production.

“It wasn’t our best performance. I was a little bit worried because people cancelled last minute, so that was very stressful. Hyo Joon and I tried to put together more songs,” Kim said. “Overall I’m not mad at the performance, and the seniors seemed to enjoy it, and that’s all that really matters.”

Shim enjoyed playing cello, but had different feelings about the choir.

“I thought it was really fun and I was really happy to make the senior residents have a good day and be happier,” Shim said. “I wasn’t nervous when I was performing on my cello, but when we were singing I was pretty nervous.”

Shim plans to perform again later this school year.

“I want to spread happiness throughout the world, and I want to spread holiday cheer,” Shim said. “I’ll definitely do it again next spring.”

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