’90s style makes a comeback at Davis High during grunge vs. prep spirit day

Sophomores Emma Nansen (left) and Emme Eisenman (right) show off their grunge and preppy outfits.

By Soraya Fattahi,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

On the fourth day of Homecoming week, Davis High students channelled their ‘90s icons and dressed either grunge or preppy to show off their school spirit.

While some students had a laid back approach to the spirit day, Junior Megan Spangler went all out.

“It’s very fun to dress up, especially when all of your friends do it,” Spangler said. “Homecoming week is already so exciting but when everyone is dressing up in their cool outfits for spirit week,it’s even better.”

Spangler wore dark eyeshadow, a flannel and dark purple vans. She used singer Avril Lavigne for grunge inspiration.

Students turned to their parents for inspiration as well. Sophomores Jillian Geist and Emily Prussell asked their parents for help and used select clothing items from their parents’ closets to enhance their looks.

Sophomores Emma Nansen and Emme Eisenman had a grunge versus prep faceoff.

“It’s fun to dress up for school,” Nansen said. “For a lot of people to do it makes it a lot more fun.”

Nansen paired a black denim jacket with a black choker to show off her grunge look while Eisenman wore a sweater with her shirt collar showing, a plain skirt and long socks for her preppy look.

Eisenman said that her favorite part about spirit week was that “you can kind of dress how you want without being judged,” . “It gives people a chance to kind of show off their idea of the theme.” she said.

Both Eisenman and Sophomore Aisha Lemseffer used the ‘95 movie Clueless as inspiration for their preppy looks.

“I think that it makes everybody look more friendly. No one judges you for what you wear because we all look kind of funny. So far my first spirit week has been a lot of fun,” Lemseffer said.

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