Student body dress up for “Wacky Wednesday”

History teacher Kelly McInturf likes to dress up to show her Blue Devil spirit.

By James Kobold, Staff–

Davis High students continued their Spirit Week with “Wacky Wednesday”. The spirit day focused around ‘80s workout fashion, correlating with the Homecoming theme, “Through the ages”.

Around campus, students were covered head to toe in neon bright colors.

Sophomore Abby Fisher was dressed in a big colorful jacket, neon shorts and blue leggings.

“Wacky and spirited,” Fisher said, referring to her outfit.

“[Spirit days] are a fun way to dress up and go out of your comfort zone,” Fisher said. “I think [Homecoming week] is a fun thing the whole school can do together.”

History teacher Kelly McInturf joined the student body in school spirit by wearing “… a big bow and a side ponytail with a scrunchy… and a tutu alla Madonna,” as she described it.

“I loved spirit days in highschool, myself,” McInturf said. She is excited to continue participating in the spirit days as a teacher and describes them as a positive experience for students to take part in.

Junior Brandon Folb was decked out in a headband, short shorts and a bright tank top for the day. He described this week as “a really fun way to get hyped for Homecoming day and the parade,” as many spirited students seem to agree.

There’s a general consensus amongst teachers and students that “Wacky Wednesday,” like the other spirit days, give students a fun way to get excited for school events and opportunities to interact with each other that they wouldn’t normally.

“I think school should be fun. So when we add these fun days on top of school work students and staff can have more fun… and that makes school more appealing,” math teacher Phil Raymond said.

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