Pep band wraps up busy week

By William Phillips, Staff–

While the football team is often seen as the star of homecoming week, pep band is also incredibly busy come homecoming with performances at the rally, parade and game.

The pep band provides live music from a wide range of songs and pieces including ‘Basketcase’ and ‘The YMCA’ and the half-time band staple ‘Cortez’. The band plays at games throughout the year, including volleyball, basketball and football games.

Football games are highlights for the pep band, as it gives members a chance to play out, see the game, and cheer on their friends. “We really do like playing at the games. Not only  is the game about the points or who wins, it’s about the environment that we’re able to create and the spirit we show off.” pep band Leader and senior Kayla Trowbridge said at the start of the homecoming week.

The band started the homecoming week with their performance at the DHS rally in the North Gym on Oct.15. The pep band played when students walked in through the double doors at the entrance to the gym with fun songs such as ‘China Grave’, ‘Holiday’, and ended their performance as students left the gym with fun selections like their ‘30-Second Blasters’.

The week continued without the band until the Friday of Homecoming, where the band students were in their school and in the Davis community. On Friday, the band marched in a parade, and played in the grandstands for the Homecoming football game.

With students being excused early, the band was able to meet  on Oct.19, in Central Park under the awning at the Farmer’s Market. At one in the afternoon the, students got into line, and began their march, with three songs in rotation separated by a classic cadence as filler

The march wound through Downtown Davis until arriving at DHS to get ready for the big show. Following the band, was the rest of the parade with floats from clubs, teams, and classes

Students in the band program find pep band to be an escape from the homework and grades, and use it as an outlet to show their spirit and how much they love to play. “Band and music (is) for the most part the most important thing in my life. In band there’s no need to worry about academics, just being there to make noise, show spirit, and have fun.” said senior Sofia Martin, another pep band leader.

Pep band leaders and members agree on how cool the pep band is. “Pep band is really fun, there’s a lot of energy, and its great to be part of the group.” sophomore Jack Easthman said.

“Everyone should know how dedicated the kids are to the pep band, and how hard they work to create a friendly and musical environment for the school.” said Musical Arts Director Thomas Slabaugh.  

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