Students share their New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

By Viktoria Anderson and Hannah Cho, Staff–

Be healthier. Be happier. Be nicer. The list is endless. For Davis High students, many of these New Year’s resolutions have an academic tinge.

For senior Adeline Umphress, the biggest goal for her last semester at DHS is to put an end to her senioritis and to stop procrastinating.

“I need to keep working hard in my classes,” Umphress said. “I think putting aside time everyday after school to study and do work before hanging out with friends or relaxing would be a huge help.”

A study by Psychology Today has shown that resolutions are most successful if they become habits. Their three steps to create a habit include choosing a small action, attaching a new action to a previous habit, and choosing an action that is easy for at least the first week.

Other students have focused on balancing their study time and family time, hoping to make some room for some quality dinners or family gatherings.

“I feel like I can get caught up in a lot in everything going on, whether it’s extracurriculars or school,” sophomore Joshua Xu said. “I [also] tend to hang out with my friends a lot because I do things with them, so I want to be able to spend time with family.”

Junior Maya Dhond, who used to be a competitive gymnast, hopes to pursue some of her gymnastic skills again. Specifically, Dhond wants to learn how to do a wall backflip, which requires the gymnast to run up the wall and flip over.

“I’m always looking for new tricks to learn and I’ve seen videos of people doing wall backflips,” Dhond said. “It seems challenging but I also think it’d be a really cool thing to be able to show people.”

“I think New Year’s resolutions help us figure out what we want for the future and help us focus towards that goal,” Dhond continued. “I think people often forget to look at their life from a big-picture perspective because we’re so focused on what we need to get done on a daily basis.”

Mike Vardy, founder of Productivityist, emphasizes connecting with your actions and establishing context for them to determine your purpose in his article, 3 Things You Can Do To Start A Year Of Action.

“The single best way I’ve found to make your actions seem more critical to you is to make them more meaningful to you,” Vardy said.

Xu agrees with Dhond. “I think they’re [resolutions] an incentive for people to improve,” he said. “It’s a good chance to reflect and find your weaknesses.”

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