”thank you” for this new album

By Juju Miyamoto,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Since the debut of her last album, “Sweetener,” six months ago, pop singer Ariana Grande has been teasing her fans with a brand new album. Until Feb. 8 Grande has been dropping hints on Twitter, sneaking in song titles in her music videos and dropping songs from her new album “thank u, next”.

What seemed like immediately after the album’s release on Friday, fans began tweeting and posting about the new songs. I promptly found the highly anticipated album and began listening to the 12 songs on “thank u, next.”

Including three singles that Grande has recently dropped to give her audience a taste of the new album, there are nine new songs listeners can tune into. Just hours into releasing, Grande has four of her new songs listed on iTunes top 10 charts.

“imagine,” “thank u, next” and “7 rings” are the songs Grande released prior to the album drop. Grande’s upbeat and 90s pop diva vibes give the songs the added zest to her message regarding love and heartbreak.

With Grande’s notorious rough past couple of years regarding the terrorist attack during her Manchester concert, her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller’s death and her separation from ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, she has incorporated her experiences with signature light and uplifting songs.

In this album, Grande has incorporated a sweet recording of her grandmother in the beginning of her song “bloodline” as well as a similar beat to one of Miller’s songs in her song “ghostin” as a tribute to the late rapper.

Many speculate certain songs relate to Grande’s past lovers and current mission to love herself. It’s hard to deny the claims as you scroll through the playlist and find the title “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” apparently referring to her ex-lover Big Sean.

Regardless of the references to her private life, the Mariah Carey-esque vocals throughout the album are the icing on the cake to the inspiring lyrics throughout her album.

However, one misstep I found after listening through the playlist is her odd beat choice in the song “make up”. The music sounds offbeat and crowds over her singing.

 Ultimately, one song does not destroy the rest of the outstanding vocals presented in the remaining songs.

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