A “universal message” is the key to a good graduation speech

PHOTO: Davis High alumnus Lauren Giovannetti gives a speech at the 2018 graduation ceremony. (Courtesy Photo)

By Jenna Dyer,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

This coming June is the end of a long road for seniors at Davis High. Thirteen years of hard work and dedication all lead up to one night full of bittersweet excitement, laughter, tears and, of course, a few words of wisdom.

Davis High graduation is mostly compiled with speeches from esteemed alumni and graduating seniors who chose to give a speech.

The process to perform a speech at graduation is lengthy. Speeches were due in the front office on Friday April 5 and live auditions will be held Thursday April 18 to see which speeches will be given on the actual night.

Creating a speech at such a grand event that will be remembered by peers and family members for countless years is a big task.

“A good graduation speech has to have a message that can relay to everyone,”senior class president Zach Ringer said.

A speech with a universal message is a key ingredient to creating a solid speech for graduation. Having a message that everyone in the audience can relate to will instill a sense of unity within individuals.

“I tried to pull everything from my positive memories of high school. Things like sporting events, dances, and even recalling funny moments within the classroom,” Ringer said.

Adding personal experience in his speech is an important aspect for Ringer, and should be for all people giving a speech at graduation. Speakers may ask themselves: what makes my high school experience different from the rest of my classmates?

“I hope that my speech instills a sense of confidence and “seizing the day” into my classmates because, well, that’s what it’s really about,” Ringer said.

Leaving audience members feeling empowered when the speech is over is the most vital part of a strong speech. Having individuals feel different than they did before they sat down and heard your speech is imperative.

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