Davis High changes school website

PHOTO: The new Davis High website has bigger words and more pictures, aiming to be easier to scroll through.

By Saebean Yi,

BlueDevilHUB.com Editor–

Davis High has recently changed the entire interface of its website to meet the new Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

The revamp features a bigger menu and an overall bigger font. Additionally, the website takes a pictorial approach, opposed to the walls of text the former site had.

According to the website, the new look aims to be more “mobile compliant so school information is easy to access and user-friendly for all.”

As finals week begins to emerge, many students are frantic about their grades. As a result, traffic is at its peak for the school website and School Loop.

Students soon realized that the “Login” button directs them to an unfamiliar interface and found they could not log in.

This is a result of DHS switching web hosting services from School Loop to SharpSchool.

“[The login] is just for teachers or other staff if they wanted to update their own pages,” librarian Bruce Cummings said. “The students have no access to this.”

However, while DHS does not currently use School Loop to host their website, they still use School Loop for students’ grades and such.

To access School Loop now, a student simply needs to click the dropdown menu labeled “STUDENT” in the middle of the screen, and select “Access School Loop.”

The DHS site is still a “work in progress,” and encourages visitors to “let [the school] know what [they] think if something does not look quite right.”

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