Businesses find opportunity in Celebrate Davis

PHOTO: While the daylight may end, the fun does not as Celebrate Davis goes into the night and prepares for fireworks later on.

By Annika Fisk, Staff–

Music, food, fireworks and fun are all part of Celebrate Davis, the annual summer event that brings the community together.   

Celebrate Davis is a great opportunity for friends and family to get together and have a fun summer night together, but it can also serve as an opportunity for businesses.  

Elise Adan, an employee at Velocity Island Park, enjoys the help Celebrate Davis can provide to the waterpark from Woodland.

“I think it brings a sense of the business into the county,” Adan said.  

While this event may be a great chance for expanding business, it can also be an opportunity for new businesses to meet the community.  

Extreme Pizza, one of the newer additions to Davis, is making its first appearance at Celebrate Davis, and is hoping to become more known in the community.

Christyn Loos, an employee at the restaurant, is excited about the business getting more attention from the citizens of Davis.  

“We’re really just trying to get more involved and to know the community better,” Loos said.

The event can also help local businesses to be introduced to a whole new side of the Davis community.  

Zuma Poke, a restaurant located in downtown Davis, has been going to Celebrate Davis since they opened about three years ago, and loves getting to see a new aspect of the community.  

Rachael Ryen, a chef at the restaurant, loves seeing the business bring in new customers throughout the event.  

“Our type of food attracts students,” Ryen said. “But here we get to see more of a local population.”

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