Troubadours take down varsity women’s soccer

PHOTO: The Davis High varsity women’s soccer team huddle together during halftime. 

By Angela Voss and Makena Fix , Staff–

Five minutes into the varsity women’s soccer game on Feb. 7, a flash of white passed by Davis High’s defenders and goalkeeper sophomore Harper Burnham, as the first goal of the night was scored. St. Francis High jumped on top, 1-0.

Recording their first loss of the season, the Blue Devils fell to their rival at home, 4-1. 

Twenty-four minutes into the first half, the Troubadours scored a second goal, leaving St. Francis ahead 2-0. 

Even though the gap widened, Davis never gave up. Throughout the rest of the first half, the Devils controlled the possession and had several scoring opportunities. However, the ball was unable to fly into the net, leaving the score 2-0 at halftime. 

Six minutes into the second half, junior Franny Bolivar had a free kick right outside the box, which was finished by senior Annabelle Lossin, making the score 2-1 in favor of St. Francis. 

However, mere minutes after Lossin scored, the Troubadours scored their third goal of the night, regaining a solid lead over the Blue Devils. 

Following their third goal, the Troubadours never lost their momentum: in the last two minutes of play, they scored the final goal for the night.

“I feel like we had a couple opportunities to score, but St. Francis’ defense was just really good tonight,” Burnham said. 

Earlier in the season, DHS tied with St. Francis 1-1. Since they had tied last game, the Blue Devils were sure they would win this game. 

“We were all really hyped for the game, and we were sure we would win since we were so close to winning last time, but we just didn’t start off as strong as we wanted to,” Burnham said. 

Disappointment flanked the team after the game, completely opposite to what they had been prior to the game. 

“I always look forward to playing St. Francis since they’re such good competition,” senior forward Lily Byrne said. 

The theme for the rivalry game was “black-out”; Davis supporters showed up to the game rocking all-black outfits. The team even got customized all-black uniforms, made just for this game. 

“I think when everyone in the stands is wearing a certain color or the game itself has a certain theme, it just gives so much more spirit and it really unites everyone together,” sophomore Grace Scheuring said.

Listen below for interviews with players and live coverage of the game.

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