REVIEW: EDEN’s new release “no future” falls flat

By Hannah Cho, Editor-in-chief–

“I never had the guts to run away. Ever since 16, been dreaming of a brighter day.”

The beginning lyrics to the first song on EDEN’s new album, “no future,” have fans listening attentively to every second of the 19 tracks with excitement. The release was a follow-up of his 2018 debut record “vertigo.”

EDEN’s opening track, “good morning,” is a mellow yet powerful song that addresses his hope to let go of his burdened past and move to a better place. 

Throughout the album, songs like “projector” allow indie-pop lovers to reflect on the concept of death and the art of letting loved ones go, while tracks such as “love, death, distraction” explore the damaging effects of social media in the 21st century.

The song “isohel,” which was released in January as a promotional single to the new album, brings a fresh change to the ears of fans who are used to his soft, emotional tunes by incorporating a different language into it for the first time. 

While the acoustic guitar in the background is reminiscent of “lost//found” from his record released two years ago, EDEN takes an interesting turn in “isohel” by ending the song in French as he describes the invisible path people can follow to return to him.

Like “vertigo,” EDEN’s new album is full of electronic music and alternative rock that quench the emotional thirst of angst-filled high school and college students struggling with love. The songs are just as sentimental and tender.

However, the new album fails to live up to the melancholy chords and nostalgic energy that touched fans two years ago. Similar to the disappointing sequel that followed the original “Mean Girls” movie, the “vertigo” album is too exemplary for the audience to show the same appreciation for his new record.

If indie and electronic music are your cup of tea, “no future” is worth a listen– but for EDEN fans, the aftereffect won’t be the same.

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