Davis High Symphony Orchestra performs “Robin Hood” in outreach concert

PHOTO: The Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre helped illustrate “Robin Hood” alongside the Davis High Symphony Orchestra and narrator Michael Lackey. 

By Chloe Chédin,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff-

The annual kids’ outreach concert took place at Brunelle Hall from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Feb. 15. The Davis High Symphony Orchestra, led by Angelo Moreno, was accompanied by professional stage narrator Michael Lackey and the Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre to tell the famous tale of “Robin Hood.”

In the story, Robin Hood is a famous thief who lives in Sherwood Forest. But Robin Hood is not like any other thief; instead of keeping all of the money he steals from the rich and gives the money back to the poor. 

The concert began with the DHS Symphony Orchestra playing one of American composer George Gershwin’s most famous pieces, “Rhapsody in Blue.”

The orchestra was accompanied by piano soloist senior Roger Xia. Xia’s sudden changes from loud discordant notes to soft melodious chords and his virtuosity throughout the piece were a testament to the work he put into his performance.

The clarinet solo by senior Damian Murillo and the masterful performance by the DHS Symphony Orchestra was a wonderful treat for the audience and a great way to reach out to future music fans.

The graceful and interpretive moves of the dancers accompanied by the DHS orchestra’s triumphant melody and Lackey’s animated narration brought “Robin Hood” to life. The audience was captured with every note that floated from the orchestra, every intricate movement from the dancers and every word that was uttered from the narrator’s mouth. 

The outreach concert is put on every year in an effort to familiarize children with contemporary dance performances and instrumental music. “[This concert hopes] to inspire and motivate future music students in Davis,” said Moreno when he first addressed the audience. 


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