Badminton sweeps Will C. Wood 15-0

DHS’ badminton team ends the game by high-fiving Will C. Wood players after a 15- 0 win.

By Lauren Wienker, Staff–

The Davis High badminton team won its match against Will C. Wood on Monday, April 11–not only on the court, but in sportsmanship as well.

Before the game, head coach Ty Brown gave the team an inspirational speech about trying one’s hardest and daring to dream. He said his primary goal is for the team to play its best game possible.

“We expect to go out there and give the best effort we can possibly give,” Brown said. “We talk about each match, and we always say we are not playing against our opponent–we are playing against ourselves, to play to our expectation and the level of standards we set for ourselves.”

Though the Devils always play to win, they also remain conscientious on the court.

“Unlike other games, there isn’t a lot of yelling or screaming or cheering, and you play the person, and you play hard, but you really respect each other and you say ‘nice shot’ when they get a good one,” junior Jessica Block said.

No. 1 Devils singles player junior Ivy Zhou won her match (21-10, 21-13) and led a sweep of all eight DHS singles victories. Devil doubles players won all seven games as well for a clean 15-0 sweep of the Wildcats.

“I am really proud of our team; I think we did really well,” junior captain Stephanie Huynh said. “We have progressed a lot, especially since the beginning of the season. Most of us have not played on varsity before, and as a captain, I love seeing our team improve so much.”

Throughout the match-up, DHS maintained impressive sportsmanship, congratulating fellow players whenever they did something right or offering sincere advice for improvement.

“Badminton takes a lot of skill. It’s hard to learn despite what other people think,” Huynh said. “It’s very tiring and takes a lot of skill of small details. When someone hits a shot correctly you can really respect them for it because it takes a lot of hard work to be able to play in that level.”


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