Students join in march for equality

Davis High students Lindsey Su, Elle Motekaitis and Lia Elms taking a stand at the Sacramento Women’s March.

By Aleena Yarovaya, Staff–

Many Davis High students attended the recent annual Sacramento Women’s March on Jan. 20 to stand up for their beliefs. People started marching in Southside Park at 11 in the morning and reconvened at the State Capitol building approximately an hour later.

According to the Sacramento Women’s March website, “the mission of Women’s March Sacramento is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.”

Senior Kayla Nunes, the president of the DHS Feminism Club, enjoyed her experience at the march this year.

“It was perfect weather and I marched with a group of strong women that I respect more than anyone, and I saw many other people I know along the way,” Nunes said

Nunes believes that although there were many people at the march protesting Trump and the things he has said, the march is not just a protest against our current administration.

“The premise of the women’s march was more to have a gathering of people who all have one common goal of equality for all human beings,” Nunes said.

Sophomore Lia Elms also had a good time at this year’s march.

“My experience was really fun and empowering, I liked how I saw different ages of girls and women fighting for what they believed in,” Elms said.

The DHS Feminism Club is not only going to march once a year, but they are planning to spend the whole year making a difference. The club is currently working on educating their peers about consent.

“We feel like that’s the biggest issue at our school– a lack of consent, so we’re working on a campaign to educate everyone about that,” Nunes said.

The club will work on their consent campaign while simultaneously helping out local organizations in the community that support women.

Listen to the audio below to hear people chanting out empowering slogans and phrases at the women’s march.

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