Old Student Government classroom waits for use

The N-1A building now has an outdated title. The classroom is empty now that the All Student Center houses the student government class.

By Brandon Folb,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The student government class moved to ASC-100 in the All Student Center on Jan. 9, and teachers are now requesting to teach in the vacant N-1A.

World language teacher James Curley teaches in two classrooms and shares his own classroom with two other teachers. Curley believes that the classroom would be ideal for a teacher who does not have his or her own classroom.

“If there’s drastic differences in classrooms, it can change how you teach,” Curley said.

English teacher Drew Barclay believes N-1A would be an optimal classroom for his AVID class.

Barclay believes that since N-1A is long and full of whiteboards, there would be plenty of space for peer tutoring and group work on whiteboards while allowing for more privacy.

He would also like to use the space to build a miniature computer lab of about four to six computers.

Barclay is also well aware of the teachers who do not have their own classrooms.

“[Having] more than one or two roaming teachers at this school is problematic,” Barclay said.

Listen to student government teacher Anthony Vasquez discuss the possible future of N-1A.

      1. Anthony Vasquez

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