Counselors hold college information night

(Photo: T. McIntyre)


By Hailey Collier, Staff–

A multitude of juniors and their parents gathered in the Brunelle Theater  for the annual College Night presentation put on by Davis High counselors on April 26 .

The evening began with interim head counselor Catherine Pereira welcoming students and explaining how the event is arranged.

There were nine different small group sessions, each repeated three times so students and their families could pick and choose a workshop based on their wants and interests.

Pereira emphasized that this event is geared towards all juniors beginning their journey after high school.

“This is a time when they’re looking at colleges and there’s a lot of questions, and we want to make it as easy as we can, and present as much information to as many people as we can,” she said.

Pereira also noted that this night is not just aimed at one type of student. There were representatives from UCs, CSUs and Sac City, as well as representatives from College Board and financial aid offices.

“People might not know what they want to do, there’s so many different pathways they can take. So we really want students to seek out information about how to start this process,” Pereira said.

Junior Maya Beal is interested in going to either a UC or a private school, and originally went because her mom wanted to go.

“I also had some questions about college entrance exams and scholarships and I figured there would be a lot of people there who could explain those things,” Beal said.

Beal attended the UC workshops, financial aid, and the college entrance exam.

Along with Beal, junior Connor McCarty also attended the counselling night and went to the UC and CSU workshops.

“[I went] to become educated on the admissions process of different colleges as well as learning learning about the different requirements necessary to be successful in applying to college,” McCarty said.

McCarty found the most helpful workshop to be the college entrance breakout session, picking up some new tips he hopes to apply when he next takes the SAT.

Although this event has passed, the counselors will hold another UC specific event in the fall, as well as a similar one geared towards CSUs.

Pereira urges any students who missed this college night to come talk to their counselor to get additional information about starting their college journey.

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