Everyone’s excited for easter

PHOTO: Senior Phoebe Levine displays one of the eggs that she hid secretly in one of the potted plants in her backyard for her sister to find. Levine is now old enough to hide the eggs and continue the family tradition of an Easter egg hunt. (Courtesy Photo from Phoebe Levine)

By Maggie Warren,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Whether someone looks at Easter as a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, or just to hunt for Easter eggs, it’s a holiday celebrated by majority of Americans.

For Senior Phoebe Levine, the whole family spreads Easter eggs around the backyard in the early morning and all the kids in the family search for them. Levine tries to be a good sport and go along with the hunt.

“I have a little sister who is still into the whole ‘Easter thing’ so it’s important that we go out and hunt to support her,” Levine said. Levine’s favorite part of the day is look on her sister’s face every time she finds an egg.

It’s one of Levine’s favorite holidays because it always brings the family together. She looks forward to seeing her grandparents along with her aunts and uncles. “It makes me happy to know the family will be together,” Levine said.

Senior Ellery McIaasc has been going to church ever since she was little, and Easter is a very important day in her household. “The whole family comes together and we go to church. It’s important for us to understand what Easter is really about,” McIaasc said.

Following church, McIaasc’s family does the traditional Easter baskets with her siblings. “Our parents always get us something small, but it’s always the thought that counts,” McIaasc said.

McIaasc has three older siblings that are away at college so Easter is a lot quieter than it used to be. “We all use to go crazy for Easter because we would get super competitive about egg hunts and stuff. But now that they’re gone it’s pretty much just me and a few other family members on Easter, which is still cool,” McIaasc said.

Senior Connor McCarty has a pretty relaxed Easter. To him, it’s just another excuse to cook a good meal. “I like cooking with my dad on Easter because we always make really good food,” McCarty said.

But he can’t forget about dessert. “It’s a holiday, you have to bring out the big guns,” McCarty said.

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Easter and everyone at DHS has their own traditions and preferences that make the holiday special for them.

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