HOMECOMING: Royalty for a day

By Judy Park,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Six students from Davis High were nominated to compete against many other students in order to win the title of king and queen of homecoming.

Seniors, Quinten Jones and Adriana Lowry, juniors, Jack Beckman and Camille Johnson and sophomores, John Lagattuta and Julia Curtis were all surprised to find out that they had won.

They all proudly walked to the center of the room as their names were called out in the homecoming rally on Sept. 22.

“I was more excited for Adriana than for myself because I knew she really wanted it, but I was also excited.” Jones said.

Not knowing what they were running up against and not knowing what to expect, both Jones and Lowry were surprised to find out that they had won.

Beckman and Johnson, not expecting to win either, were in for a good surprise once they found out who won.

“When I found out who won I was excited and couldn’t wait for being in the parade and getting crowned during the halftime show,” Johnson said.

They were both very excited and happy to win this honor of being crowned as King and Queen.

Lagattuta and Curtis were both very excited to win this title.

“When I won, I was really embarrassed and pretty nervous but it was also pretty cool because I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Curtis said.

They were also both very excited to win with each other.

“I was really excited to win with Julia.” Lagattuta said.

All six winners proudly stood as their names were called on the loudspeaker at the halftime of the homecoming game, all excited to have won out of all the people in their grades. Excitement and the feeling of honor ran through their veins as they were crowned king and queens of homecoming.

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