HOMECOMING: Students look back on this year’s homecoming

Photo by Bryanne Potowski
Photo by Bryanne Potowski

By Laura Bock and Sabrina Padilla,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

With homecoming week comes many different ways to celebrate school spirit at DHS: a pep rally, spirit days, door-decorating, a parade, and, of course, the homecoming football game. With so many things to do and get involved in, students’ favorite parts of such a spirited week can greatly vary.

Senior Martha Fiehn’s favorite part of the week was the spirit days.

“There are moments, albeit rare, during which DHS has school spirit. These moments tend to be during homecoming week, which makes it all the more special,” Fiehn said. “I like seeing other students’ creativity in coming up with spirit day costumes. It is nice to feel like you’re a part of a big school [with] different social and age groups.”

Sophomore Chris Paige also liked the spirit days the best. This was his first homecoming, and he found it to be a great way to see how the school operates.

“I liked seeing people dressed in togas and in [other] strange ways. It showed how many people had a lot of spirit,” Paige said.

For junior Claire Drown, her favorite part of homecoming week was getting to see all the doors decorated around the high school campus.

“The faculty of Davis High is so large that it can be a little daunting to walk around school knowing there are so many classes, teachers and students surrounding you,” Drown said. “Seeing doors around school thematically decorated makes everybody here seem a little more approachable and like they are part of a community.”

Drown plays French horn with the pep band, which offered a special opportunity for incoming ninth-graders. “Homecoming is also an event where the pep band invites ninth grade band students to play at the football game, so seeing prospective members and being able to spend time with them [and to] introduce them to part of the band program at Davis High is great,” Drown said.

The pep band invited freshman from Harper, Holmes, Emerson and Da Vinci junior high to play with them on Friday night for the homecoming game. One night of music and fun encourages the upcoming sophomores to join the band next year and throughout their high school career.

Freshman attended rehearsal Thursday night before the game where they not only learned about five new songs, but they were also taught how to march by band director, Thomas Slabaugh.

“I liked getting to play all the little songs and do the cheers and marching,” freshman Jeffery Keller said. “This really encouraged me to do pep band next year.”

Student government worked hard in the first few weeks of school to prepare everything for homecoming week, and members such as junior Teddy Knox were excited to see everything come together.

Knox oversaw the junior class float, and his favorite part of homecoming week was the parade.

“It is an amazing feeling to see all of the hard work that was put into the floats pay off,” Knox said.

About changes DHS will see for next year’s homecoming, Knox said, “The continued vocal dissatisfaction from the student body about the way Royalty is done at DHS means that it will change in the future as well.”

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