HOMECOMING: DHS staff shows off spirit

By Anna Gao,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Some teachers get into school spirit more than others, whether it is showing it around campus, door decorating or dressing up for spirit days.

English teacher Janine Widman has set aside time in class just for the door decorating contest.

“I think [school spirit] is a bonding experience. With my class, as we started, we started to feel like a team,” Widman said.

Widman’s favorite part of homecoming week is door decorating. A green cactus covers the door of her classroom. Inside, a colorful flying snake hangs from the ceiling panels.

Widman  gave some of her students extra credit for participating in spirit week dress up.

History teacher Kelly McInturf’s door also stands out in the hallway. McInturf spent class time decorating. A painted temple entry made out of boxes she brought herself stands outside her classroom. An Aztec man is draped on their door.

“School spirit means that you are involved on campus. It’s supporting your fellow classmates and being all inclusive on campus,” McInturf said.

Her favorite part of homecoming is the football game. She enjoys how everyone comes together to cheer for the team.

“School spirit comes down to how much you love your school and how much you are willing to wear that pride on your sleeve,” English teacher David Achimore said. Achimore is known for being one of the more spirited teachers on campus.

Principal William Brown is also known for being a spirited member of DHS. His favorite part of homecoming is also the parade.

“The parade is the part of the week that most of our school and community are together celebrating the greatness of Davis High. Blue Devils of all ages are happy,” Brown said.

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