HOMECOMING: Hit the Waves Wednesday

The munchkins dress up for Hit the Waves Wednesday. (Courtesy photo: A. Preisler)
From left to right: Juniors Esther Wang, Jeanne Kim, Annabelle Zhou, Tess McDaniel and Anna Young dress up for Hit the Waves Wednesday. (Courtesy photo: A. Preisler)

By Nicola Duffy,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The mid-80 degree weather and the student vibe at Davis High definitely made it feel more like summer than mid-October fall today.

For most students, dressing up for Hit the Waves Wednesday wasn’t a challenge. Participation was high and attire ranged from flashy Hawaiian button-ups to board shorts and boogie boards.

“Beach Day was by far my favorite spirit day so far this week” sophomore Lyla Schoenig said. “I wore a tacky Hawaiian shirt that I got from a local thrift store. Other than that, it was easy to dress up for today’s spirit day since it wasn’t cold.”

However, not everybody participated.

“I forgot to dress up today,” sophomore Kyle Powell said. “I really wish I did though, I felt like I was missing out when I got to school and everyone looked like they were ready to hit the beach!”

Other unique ways people showed their spirit today included wearing lifeguard costumes, hula dancer attire and wetsuits–senior Willie Hall even wore a shark suit.

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